Connie Fairbanks - Writer

Baking good Golden Glow cakes got me to the Pottawatomie County Fair, and purple ribbons kept me going back for more.  James Beard cookbooks made me dream about the big city lights.  Travel peeked my interest in food, wine, and the arts.

I’m curious.  I love to tell the stories of the “little guy” or an ingredient that hasn’t yet made the radar.  I’ll dig deeper, and work my contacts until I find the answers to the story.

After three years of research, writing, and testing, Connie self-published Scratch That™ Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings, her first cookbook. With the help of great team, she received critical acclaim from The Midwest Book Review.

Connie contributes to various food articles and women’s magazines, and has written for Culture magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, and The ESU Spotlight. She lives with her husband in downtown Chicago, tending to her rooftop deck and produce garden, and always planning for the next Chicago winter.

Contact Connie Fairbanks at 312-421-3660, She’d like to tell you a story.